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Mike Connellan

Principal Adviser


I’ve been involved in the insurance industry for the last 15 years and bring experience from both inside the insurers and as an adviser, across many financial service channels.


After spending many years working for one of New Zealand’s largest life insurance companies as both a Training Consultant and then a Business Development Manager, I decided to put my knowledge and skills to better use by helping clients directly. And so, my wife Mareesa and I founded Solace Financial Limited with our mission to help people make informed decisions on what is often a confusing area of their lives.


Unfortunately, as we grow up, nobody teaches us about insurances, home loans or saving for our retirement, we have to just work it out as we go. We believe that everyone deserves and should receive sound financial advice on these matters and the more people we can help, the better!




As a client of Solace, it’s not just about getting the right advice at the beginning. We help you to get the appropriate protection in place that matches your situation and needs. We then continue to support you and your family over the years and review your cover to ensure it is still appropriate. Of course, the biggest area of support we provide is at claim time where we hold client’s hands through the process.

Mareesa Connellan

Claims & Administration Manager


With a background in Occupational Therapy and many years as a Carer to an intellectually disabled girl, I’ve always had a passion for helping other people.


As clients of Solace, it’s reassuring to know that if something does go wrong we’ll be here to help you at claim time. This is something which is often underestimated by people when they deal directly with a provider like a bank or online but when it comes to the crunch, being treated like a number in the system is a traumatic and frustrating experience that we’ve unfortunately seen over the years. At Solace, we work hard to take control of your claim and make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

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