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Medical insurance

Despite our best efforts, life doesn't always go to plan. If something happened to you, your loss could affect those you love both emotionally and financially. Would your family cope with paying the monthly bills or making mortgage repayments without your salary? Would your business survive without your expertise?


If you have a family, business, or other financial commitments, the impact of an unexpected death can be large. Having certainty of cover can help your loved ones to survive financially should the worst happen, making all the difference at a time when support can be at its most needed.


Life Cover is designed to pay a lump sum if you die or you are diagnosed as terminally ill; protecting the lifestyle and future of those you care about most.

The New Zealand public health system provides quality emergency care and treatment for serious medical conditions. However, rising health care costs continue to put pressure on the public system’s ability to both diagnose and treat non-urgent medical conditions, including those with a significant impact on lifestyle such as sinus complications, cardiac conditions, and hernia repair. In some cases, access to treatment is limited and public patients must qualify for treatment before joining the queue.


Having private Health Insurance enables you to take control of your health so that medical conditions can be treated promptly, at a convenient time and location, and with your choice of medical provider.

Life Insurance

Medical Insurance


We appreciate how important your income can be. Whether you are independent or have a family, your ability to earn is an asset worth protecting, because we believe if your health were to suffer a setback, your finances and lifestyle shouldn’t have to.


Disability Income Protection can provide you with a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury, meaning you can remain financially independent, regardless of whether or not you are able to ever return to work.

Income Protection


Mortgage & Rent Cover

Trauma Cover

Total Permanent Disability Cover

Your home is simply too valuable an asset to put at risk, so protect it. If you become disabled due to an accident, sickness or illness; how long will the bank or your landlord allow you to miss your payments for?


Mortgage and Rent Cover can help cover your regular mortgage instalments or rent payments or other expenses if your earning capacity is seriously affected by illness, disability or redundancy; ensuring your lifestyle is protected.

New Zealanders are suffering an increasing incidence of cancer and we still experience high levels of heart disease and stroke. However, with ongoing advances in medical science, you have a greater chance of surviving a serious medical condition. Trauma Cover is designed to pay a lump sum to you if you suffer a critical illness, to ensure that you can cope with its effects on your lifestyle, family and work.

If you become Totally Permanently Disabled through an accident or illness, you may receive limited ACC cover and a basic sickness benefit. Would this be enough to cover your current living expenses and allow you to plan for your future?


Probably not.


A lump sum payment will allow you to pay off debt and set yourself up for the future. You will have the financial freedom to live your life to its fullest potential and to make your own choices about the care and treatment you require.

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